What Does a Standard Service Consist of at Arlington?

What Does a Standard Service Consist of at Arlington?

While Arlington services with full honors are for commissioned officers, warrant officers, and senior non-commissioned officers, family members and friends can remember every veteran with a standard Arlington service. But what does a standard service consist of at Arlington? Let us tell you a bit about what to expect and how it will honor your veteran.

Standard Service Eligibility

The National Defense Authorization Act states that the United States Armed Forces must provide honors for any veterans eligible for military funerals if the veteran’s family requests them. The only reason a veteran may be ineligible is if the military dishonorably discharged the individual. Otherwise, you need only provide funeral directors with the veteran’s DD Form 214 to prove eligibility. Now, with this step clear, let’s discuss what a standard service consists of at Arlington.

Arlington Funeral Honors

Every Arlington service can look somewhat different depending on the veteran’s rank and the family’s requests. The service always includes casket teams of pallbearers, a firing party, and a bugler performing “Taps.” The folding and presentation of the US flag to the next of kin are also customary.

Some of the various aspects that a family can request include a military chaplain, a chapel service, the formation of a rifle party to perform a three-volley salute, and Arlington cemetery military funeral photo and video services.

Photo and Video Services

We understand why you might have some reservations about having the event captured. Photographers and videographers may feel intrusive and upsetting during an event where everyone’s grieving and at their most vulnerable. However, you can rest assured that funeral photography and video service professionals have professional training to handle these events with care and tact. They know how to record the event without causing a disturbance or upsetting the family and guests.

You’ll also find photo and video services to be highly important in hindsight. While the service may be painful at the moment, the commemorative photos will help turn the memories into good ones as you remember the beautiful service that honored the life and service of your loved one. You’ll also see how many people the veteran’s life touched, which will remind you that your veteran will remain in their hearts.