What To Expect at Army Funeral Honors

Army Funeral Honors

Please accept our heartfelt condolences on the loss of your loved one. From the folding of the flag to the sounding of Taps, here is a guide on what you can expect during Army funeral honors.

Military Funeral Honors

Military funeral honors are bestowed upon Army members who have passed based on their rank. A Standard Honors Service is for enlisted service members with a rank of WO-1 through CW-3, as well as O-1 through O-3. This category is received by a chaplain, a casket team, a firing party, and a bugler. Full Honors Services are enacted by an Army member reaching the ranks of Sergeant Major (SGM), Command Sergeant Major (CSM), or Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA). This service includes a chaplain, a casket team, a firing party, a bugler, a military band, and an escort platoon, which varies in size depending on rank.

What To Expect

Army funeral honors are all about honoring the fallen soldier who served in the defense of our nation. Pay your respects by following this quick walkthrough of what to expect at an Army funeral.  

  •     After arriving at the cemetery, a representative will meet with you and hand over any burial documents.  
  •     After guests are present, you will be escorted to the burial site where the funeral will be held.  
  •     Guests will follow a funeral coach, who carries the casket, and military members will present arms.  
  •     A group will then secure the casket and walk it over to the final resting place.  
  •     A chaplain will preside over the service and talk about the WWII Memorial, as well as honor the fallen soldier.
  •     After the ceremony concludes, guests will rise for honors, and military members will present arms to initiate the rifle volley.  
  •     Once the rifle volley is completed, a bugler will play Taps and the family will be seated.  
  •     The flag will be folded and presented to the next of kin and the service is concluded.  

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