Guide to Navy Funeral Honors and the Committal Service

Losing a loved one or family member is a challenging experience, so please accept our heartfelt condolences for your loss. We want to help make things easier on you with a guide that outlines everything you need to know about Navy funeral honors, from the sounding of Taps to the folding of the flag and the committal service.

Navy Funeral Honors

Military funeral honors are bestowed upon enlisted Navy personnel meeting the E1 through E9 rank. Personnel with an E1 through E7 rank receive Standard Funeral Honors. Navy seals with ranks of E8, E9, CW-4 and CW-5, and O-4 and above receive Full Funeral Honors. These standard honors include a chaplain, the ceremonial bugler performing the Taps, the ceremonial folding of the flag, a burial flag presentation, and a rifle detail. Full honors include all of standard honors, as well as a military band and an escort platoon that is sized based on rank.  

Committal Service

If you’re wondering what happens during a committal service, we have created a guide to Navy funeral honors and Committal services. A committal service is another term for a memorial service, and it is a beautiful way to honor a fallen member of the Navy and pay respects to your family member or loved one who served in defense of our nation.

  • Once Arrived – When you have arrived, a cemetery representative will take the family and guests to the place where the memorial will be held. Some cemeteries have this in a building, and others have it at the gravesite.
  • During the Committal Service – The next of kin may choose to have readings performed by a friend, family members, or member of the clergy of their faith.  
  • Concluding a Committal Service – This is when Navy funeral honors addressed above will be performed, such as the folding and presentation of the burial flag. Next are playing of the Taps and a rifle firing salute.
  • After the Service – Once the service concludes, that is when it is appropriate to pay your respects to the next of kin and other guests.

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