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Hiring a videographer or photographer can be a daunting task. Even more so for something as important as an Arlington Service. While we can tell you that we are the best at covering these services, the real testimonial should come from families that have already trusted us to cover their service.

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The team at Arlington Media was fabulous to work with—we had great peace of mind knowing we didn't need to think about documenting our parents' Arlington service ourselves. To be free of phones and cameras during the ceremony allowed us to focus on why we were there and who we were honoring. Arlington Media was extremely communicative, organized and helpful, and the photos and video they provided us were just what we wanted—lasting memories of a once-in-a lifetime emotional experience. I highly recommend their services.
Arlington Media captured every special moment from our family member’s memorial service at Arlington. They are a must hire and the moments captured will be with our family forever, and perhaps most importantly - preserved for future generations.
My brother and I recently buried our parents ashes at Arlington Cemetery. For various reasons, many family and close friends could not attend, despite their strong desire to. We decided to ask Arlington Media to video the ceremony, and I am so very glad we did. They were so professional and respectful. I barely knew they were there. And the end result was a video that truly captured the moving emotion of the day, in a way that one of us, with our cell phone, never could have. All of our friends and family who have viewed the video were so thankful, and said they felt like they were there, when watching. And so, I can't thank Arlington Media enough. This is a really valuable service and I can't recommend them enough.
They provide an amazing service. Some concerns beforehand if it would be intrusive. Not in the least. The final product was better than we imagined. Highly recommended.
There were many companies reaching out to provide services at my father's burial at Arlington, and was immediately skeptical of those. Arlington Media did not contact me, I found them. They required very little time and effort to get everything set up. I received two or thrree emails over the next few weeks from them reminding me that they had everything they needed and would see me on the day of the service. On the day of, they were there and ready to do their work. No interaction with them on that day, as I'm sure they are fully aware that their customers are focused on the service itself. After four or five days, I received a link with the final product - and it was exceptional. Everything we wanted! I highly recommend Arlington Media - and Clifford was exceptional to work with.
This company captured my father's burial at Arlington perfectly and they were very discreet. I can not say enough good things about them.
Arlington Media is EXCEPTIONAL. The video and photography done by Arlington Media provided a lifelong memory that will be forever cherished. They captured the solemnity of the occasion as well as, captured the overall feeling of Arlington National Cemetery while making it 100% personal. The video provided views of things you could not see during the actual service because they had cameras approaching from all angles. Clifford and his team were very professional and barely noticeable while photographing and videoing the funeral. The prompt delivery of the video and photos was impressive, but the quality far exceeded our expectations. Best decision ever, going with Clifford and his team at Arlington Media. 5+++ stars.
Initially, I did not think about having the graveside service for my husband videotaped. After browsing the Arlington Media website I changed my mind. I am so grateful that I did. There was no way I could have taken everything in that day. To view the video was so very special to me and allowed me to see it all. I loved how beautifully everything was presented on film. Cliff, the videographer, was a significant part of honoring my husband. Thank you for your kind spirit, professionalism, and for capturing the day that I can cherish for the rest of my life. A grateful Army Wife
There are truly no words to convey the professionalism, superb quality, unobtrusive skill and production of Clifford and his Arlington Media team. These were moments that are so very fragile and tender, and can't be recovered once they have passed. The video and photography record each moment from many angles. The final video production captures the raw emotions of your most vulnerable time - a story beautifully composed from opening to close. We have a number of family members who were unable to travel. The real-time video feed allowed each of them to attend with me at my side, including family members overseas. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the Arlington Media team for creating this beautiful memory for me and our family. It is truly an irreplaceable treasure!
I consulted Mr Crittenden, the owner of Arlington Media on a referral that his company was the best. It was indeed. The company communicated, planned ahead, were discrete on the day of the interment and produced a superb video/You Tube. I highly recommend this professional company. Thank you for serving us.
Arlington Media recently completed the video taping of a family members funeral at Arlington. They were professional and discrete. Hardly anyone noticed them during the services. I received the links to the video within 2 days after the service. I did not expect it to be that fast. I highly recommend their services they are outstanding! If I could give 10 stars I would. Thank you.
I was very impressed with the Arlington video. They did not get in the way you didn’t even know they were there and the pictures and the video that we received of my father service were just wonderful. They did a great job. I would recommend getting the video and the pictures of anybody who is having a loved one put to rest in Arlington. It was well worth the money. Thank you for a wonderful experience
Response from the owner: Patti, Thank you so much for your kind words and for choosing Arlington Media for such an important and personal event. We are truly honored to have been a part of capturing the memories of your father's service. Our team strives to work discreetly and effectively, ensuring the essence of the ceremony is captured without intrusion. Hearing that you found the pictures and video wonderful is gratifying and I will share this with my team.Your recommendation to others facing similar future Arlington services is appreciated. We understand the significance of these events and are committed to providing a service that brings comfort and lasting memories.Once again, thank you for trusting us to cover your father's Arlington service. Our thoughts are with you and your family.Warm regards,CliffordArlington Media
The video of my husband’s ceremony was awesome . This company is fabulous to work with.Highly recommend them.
Arlington media was great to work with. They let us know what to expect and followed through on all of their promises. The video exceeded our expectations. They were professional, kind and prompt in responding to our many questions. This is a great way to preserve a piece of family history and honor the person you love. Our out of state family members were able to watch the video and feel like they were there. Absolutely incredible!
Beautiful photos and videos. Thank you so much for the care and professionalism taken to provide this important service for our family.
Cliff and the Arlington Media staff were absolutely wonderful to work with from the very first encounter with them. Professional, easy to get ahold of, friendly, eager to answer questions (even questions I had a hard time getting answered from the Arlington Cemetery administration side of things…Cliff knows the answers!!). The day of our father’s service presented with some unexpected challenges, but through it all, Arlington Media stayed calm, encouraging and empathetic to our situation. The video is amazing despite the challenges of the day, and I would 100% recommend them to anyone wanting the memories of such a monumental experience to stay with you forever! Thank you Cliff and John!
From start to finish Arlington Media did an outstanding job! We had several people who couldn’t attend our fathers funeral and that wasn’t a problem as Arlington Media had the solution! They provided a Live weblink for those who couldn’t attend. The feedback from those unable to attend was “it felt as if we were there”A couple of weeks after the funeral I received two beautiful USB’s packaged in a keepsake containers. One has all the photos taken and one has a video! Very well put together and my brother and I appreciate it so much!Thank you again Arlington Media for an outstanding job!! Highly recommend!
Response from the owner: Kimberly,Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a heartfelt and positive review of your experience with Arlington Media. We are truly honored to have been able to assist you during such a difficult time and we are glad that we could provide a solution for those who couldn't attend the funeral.It warms our hearts to hear that the live weblink we provided made those unable to attend feel as if they were there. Our goal is to create meaningful connections and ensure that everyone can be a part of important moments, even when they can't physically be present. We are grateful for the opportunity to bring comfort to you and your loved ones.We're also thrilled to know that you are pleased with the USBs we provided. Preserving memories is a responsibility we take seriously, and we're delighted that you found the photos and video well put together. It's our aim to capture and present these precious moments in a way that brings joy and allows you to cherish the memories for years to come.Your kind words and recommendation mean a lot to us. We strive to provide outstanding service to all of our customers, and it's wonderful to know that we met your expectations. If there's ever anything else we can assist you with in the future, please don't hesitate to reach out.Thank you once again for choosing Arlington Media. It was an honor to serve you and your family during this difficult time.Best regards,CliffordArlington Media
We highly recommend Cliff for his excellent service.We were all teary-eyed and as a result missed some parts of the service. Cliff performed an outstanding job by very inconspicuously capturing the ceremony perfectly from every angle. We are now so grateful to be able to view the entire service on this wonderful video he has put together and to see everything that we missed during that very sad day.The family of Andrew Garner thanks you very much, Cliff
The video Arlington Media produced of my husband’s service at ANC was professionally done and so beautiful. They captured so much that I missed live during the service and from so many angles. They knew just where to put their cameras! The ordering process was simple and I was kept in the loop up until the day of the service. I highly recommend their video service!
Clifford and his staff were wonderful and produced an excellent video which our family will treasure. They were very unobtrusive but managed to capture all the important aspects of the ceremony. The video and still images are beautiful. We are all grateful for his respectful presence and professionalism, the careful editing, and the finished products which memorialize my husband's service so well.
Arlington Media did an excellent job capturing our parents' burial ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. They knew exactly where to be and when to be there to get the best photos and videos. They were wonderful to work with, and their final product is outstanding. I have no reservations about giving them the highest recommendation.
Arlington Media is outstanding in all respects. The photos they took at my wife’s funeral are perfect. Everyone should use their quality service. They are definitely number one!
Very professional and not invasive to the ceremony. Very pleased with the quality of the DVD sent to me by Arlington Media. Thank you for giving the family a quality remembrance of a cherished event.
Arlington Media did my husband’s service at Arlington National Cemetery, March 24, 2023. I only chose to have the video and I was extremely satisfied with the video of the service. Clifford the owner and videographer was so easy to work with, he contacted me several times before the service asking if I had any concerns or questions. A few days before the service, I discussed with him how I wanted the video, he listened to my suggestions and the video is prefect, exactly what I requested. Clifford is very professional and the quality of the video is outstanding. I highly recommend Arlington Media. The pricing is also very reasonable.
Arlinton Media (Clifford Crittenden) and his team have done a great job in capturing every detail for my father's (Col. Dallas Ray Walker) funeral service in video and pictures. Clifford is also helping me in waiting until the headstone is complete to include it in the video and picture book.
Great company to work with. Highly recommend using them for videography at Arlington.
Arlington Media is the only company I would recommend for services at Arlington Cemetery. I contacted all the companies that offer similar services and interviewed them all. By FAR Cliff at Arlington is the BEST Choice. We buried my father and the ceremony was breathtaking and will leave anyone speechless. The only way to remember forever are the photos and AMAZING Video that Arlington Media produced. Just call Cliff and tell him Earl said he is the BEST!
We were very pleased to find Arlington Media to provide a livestream for my father's funeral as some family members were unable to travel and attend. The full professional video that we received after the service is a wonderful memory for the honors he received. Would definitely recommend.
They do an absolutely terrific job. We received super high quality stills and video. A wonderful memory of a once in a lifetime event. Can't recommend them highly enough.
Arlington Media did an outstanding job capturing the dignity and honor of my father's burial in Arlington National Cemetery. They could not have been more professional in how they manged the day and were extremely helpful in providing information and guidance leading up to the day of my father's ceremony. I am grateful my family and I will have this lasting memory.
Our family was more than pleased with the services provided to us by Arlington Media for my fathers internment at Arlington National Cemetery. I would highly recommend their services if you find yourself in a position where we were. Very cold weather, close to a holiday, elderly unable to travel. The Live stream service provided access to all those unable to attend, and for this we are extremely grateful. As a bonus, we found this organization to be prompt, communicative and clear. Top notch!
What a superb service provided to me and my family during my late husband,Major Edgar L Lamb, Jr’s official burial services at Arlington Cemetery on December 1, 2022. Superb video/audio, photography scenes throughout the ceremony period. Truly amazing!!!I highly recommend to anyone to use The Arlington Media.Thank you so so much your excellent services. 🙏🙏🙏Liengthong Lynn Lamb
Arlington Media was extremely professional and very detail oriented. They captured the memories of my dads interment service beautifully and the quality of the video and photos were outstanding. They were also able to add our personal videos and pictures to the primary video to give it a personal touch. We will cherish the videos and photos for many generations to come. Thank you.
I was on the fence of hiring someone and if we "needed" it. I decided that my dad deserved it and we deserved the photos and video to look back on or show my kids what an amazing honor he received. They kept in touch leading up to the service, the morning of and during the service. They stayed out of our way but was able to capture everything and more. I can't thank them enough. They exceeded our expectations, and we don't regret purchasing the photos/video. Highly recommend!
Not only did Arlington media live stream my mother's funeral, but they also did my father's funeral with full honors at Arlington Cemetery. They were unobtrusive, and you wouldn't have really known they were there, except they were there streaming and taking wonderful pictures. I received my flash drives recently for my dad's funeral, and it was absolutely beautiful and so very well done. I heartily advise anyone who is having a funeral at Arlington to use Arlington media. You will not be disappointed.
This is the best product I have ever received. My father served for 33+ years in the United States Coast Guard and retired as a two ⭐️ ⭐️ Rear Admiral. His Internment at Arlington National Cemetery was with Full Honors, Caisson, Navy Band, 21 gun salute. This was all captured and preserved forever by Arlington Media. I still can’t get threw the whole video and haven’t started looking at any of the over 850 HD still shots but, my family, friends and all Veterans can view them at any time, forever. There were 100’s of folks in there 70’s and even 80’s that could not make the trip to Arlington. They called and thanked me profusely and said they even invited their friends over (and friend’s friends)who had never seen a funeral at ANC not to mention even met my dad to watch the LIVE video. Think about that! A dear friend of my dad’s (and step mom also resting there) told me that she was there that day. That she didnt miss the parade and the celebration. I stopped and thought to myself, I didn’t do a (cuss word(s))thing but send an email. The phone rang and the owner and president of Arlington Media asked a few incredibly loaded and fact gathering questions and??? Everything happened! The only mistake made was.. .. .. I didn’t order enough of the “foot locker” canisters that hold the thumb drives of the video and photos. Don’t ask me the exact total that I spent was but maybe $2500.. $3000. I would pay $10 or $15 thousand dollars to have this done. I’ll stop now but let’s thanks all the Veterans buried at ANC and all that have served, are serving and will in the future. Dave Polant, former AD3, USCG
I'm am more than grateful that I had a video made of my husband's memorial service at Arlington National Cemetery. There was so much detail that I missed and the others too, that the video captured. This video will be a legacy for the children, grandchildren for years to come. I keep saying to myself, I'm so happy I had this video made....It may be a little pricey for me, but worth every cent. What a beautiful way to honor my husband, and to share with family/friends for years. It's also a great way for others to have an opportunity to see a burial at ANC. Very grateful for this opportunity.
The video Arlington Media prepared of my Father's Memorial Service and Burial at Arlington will be treasured by my family forever. Thank you for a superb job of videography!
Excellent service. The video quality was superb.
We had several family members that were unable to attend my father's service at the last minute. I called just a few days prior to his service to make arrangements with Arlington Media. Despite the short notice, we were treated with the upmost kindness and respect. The videos and photographs are simply stunning and were delivered within the time promised. We are very grateful to have these memories of Arlington. Thank you so much!
I am very pleased with the attention given to me and my family while at ANC.My video is outstanding.After reviewing everything, I see that I missed an opportunity to capture briefly, candid shots of my husband’s family members in attendance.All things considered 20/20 is hindsight.I love my experience and will highly recommend Arlington Media in the future.~ Rev Vanetta Bellows
Arlington Media provided the photo and video shoot for my husband's graveside service at Arlington National Cemetery. The video was breathtaking and some many pictures of every move (over 400). These are memories our family will cherish for years to come. I am so glad we decided to use Arlington Media for this service. They were very professional, in constant communication and answered so many questions, some not related to the photography but regarding what to expect at ANC in general. Through a difficult time, Clifford made this a much easier process than I could have imagine. Thank you for everything. Dee
Arlington Media did a fantastic job with both photos and video of our loved ones' funeral. We are so glad to have these memories to pass down to our children so they can remember how special this was for their grandparents. The cameras were non intrusive and captured moments we could not see or fully appreciate in the moment. We are extremely appreciative of the professionalism of the photographers and the excellent work they produced. We would highly recommend their services.
My father in law, a lieutenant colonel, was buried at Arlington with full honors. He served a distinguished 22 years in the Army including 2 tours in Vietnam. He always lamented the way he was treated upon his return to the US after his tours. He would have been very proud of the way he was treated by the Honor Guard at Arlington, finally getting the respect he deserved. My wife and I were very happy that we were able to preserve this occasion for generations of our family to come. Something to be very proud of. Our Photographer was very professional and respectful knowing the emotions of the situation. She captured the event wonderfully and we were very happy with our decision to do this. If I had one regret it would be that we only did still photos and not video to capture the true moments that only video would have done.
Used Arlington Media for my brothers funeral. We're very happy with the pictures and video!Thank you!
I highly recommend Arlington Media to film your loved one's funeral. I recently had them to film my husband's burial at Arlington National Cemetery and couldn't be more pleased with the outcome of the DVD that I received. They are a very professional company and you won't be disappointed! Their communication with you is outstanding!
You will never find anyone that can do a better job than Arlington Media. Their pictures capture every moment and the quality of the pictures are excellent. Cliff is a joy to work with, very professional, fast turnaround time and you are sent a text message to let you know they are in place and ready to shoot giving you peace of mind and they are not intrusive during the service. There are so many moments you would miss if it wasn’t for Cliff and his camera. Thank you Cliff for the beautiful memories of my Mother.
Cliff and Arlington Media are A+. Great customer service, easy process, fantastic results. At the beginning of the process I found their brochure easy to understand and right away I knew that I wanted a videotape of my mom's (spouse of vet) burial. We are not a very photogenic family so I knew that I did not want pictures. I booked them right away and that process was quick and easy. I met Cliff on the day of the burial and he was most kind and just took care of everything. He remained in the background and just made things work. Then the thumb drive arrived in the mail enclosed in a great personalized metal case. With trepidation I watched the video for the first time -- again we are not photogenic. Amazing quality. High professional quality. Everything was perfect and even we looked good. Lots of nice surprised such as the fly-in, shot of the section and grave #, and weather noted. Close-up of the rose on the casket corner, other shots panning the area, etc. I immediately sent it to all the relatives who were unable to attend. Every person wrote back thanking me and commenting on the quality of the video. They said that they felt like they were actually there. What a fantastic memory and way to honor my mother. Well done Arlington Media.
Arlington Media was wonderful in filming my Dad's ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) - I ordered the picture and video service for a full Military ceremony, and the pictures and video are fantastic! We were concentrating on the burial ceremony and it was great to know that someone else was taking care of documenting the ceremony. They are very knowledgeable about ANC and you would never know they were there. It's worth it to enlist them - you see things from the ceremony that you didn't see at the time. A great remembrance.
I would like to take a moment to thank Cliff for the extremely impressive video he made of our dad's burial at Arlington National Cemetery. The video was nothing but first class: the 4K resolution, the camera placements, the sound, everything exceeded our expectations. Even the USB thumb drive that we ordered extra was impressive with the printing on the outside of the thumb drive as well as on the metal case it came in. We were very hesitant to order a video but we're so glad we did, it is a great way to honor our dad and we are sure that it will be passed down through the generations. The whole process was seamless and non-intrusive. We made the right choice hiring Arlington Media. Thank you Cliff.
Thank you, so much, for giving me a lasting memorial of my sister's service at Arlington. I never realized how much I missed until I viewed your video. Thank you that you make sharing of the pictures and video so easy. The quality of the photos and video is awesome. I, also, appreciate the prompt communication.
Arlington Media did a fantastic job with their video and photography of my father's burial with honors. The company is very professional and the quality of both the video and photos are first rate in both artistry and compassion. We now have a treasured legacy to be handed down to generations to come. They also produce the disks so they can be copied for family that could not attend. I highly recommend it. Don't hesitate.
Arlington Media created an incredibly well done video of my dad's full honors service. Being able to see multiple vantage points after the fact was wonderful. And we received the video very quickly. I would highly recommend hiring Arlington Media. Thank you for documenting this event for our family.
Very attentive. Great quality photos, despite an overcast and rainy day.
Arlington Media captured all the special moments from my father’s service in February 2019. I wanted to be completely present in the events of the service, and not trying to take pictures myself. Once I received the pictures and video, there was even more than I could have possibly captured in pictures myself. I highly recommend their service!
Hits home! Touches my heart everytime.
Their services are truly excellent, high quality and executed with dignity and precision. Honored to have had their help.
Arlington Media did a fantastic job for my father’s service. Great customer service!!!
The entire process of having my Dad’s service at Arlington National Cemetery photographed was handled in a very professional manner. We got amazing service and the photographs captured every element of the service. We will have these photos to remember this very beautiful honor for generations to come. Thank you for what you do.
Arlington Media did a superb job filming and taping my husband's full honors burial on August 10, 2018. They were exceptional at capturing the event while never invading the space of the mourners. The final work product was absolutely lovely. When I asked, they also gave me needed information on a great florist and a pub/ restaurant that was equally great, for everyone to congregate after the burial. We are not from the DC area and so having this connection was invaluable. I would highly recommend Arlington Media to anyone who wants to record and preserve the experience in Arlington National Cemetery. I would do it the same way, again.
It is my pleasure to be writing a recommendation for Clifford Crittenden and as the owner of Arlington Media, who videoed the Full Honors funeral of my husband at Arlington National Cemetery in July, 2018.

Living in Alabama, it was difficult to find someone in Virginia to remember this sorrowful time in my life. After doing some research on the internet and based on the samples I viewed, I decided to call and then hire Clifford. He was pleasant, courteous, responsive to my emotional condition and explained his entire process of recording the ceremony. He promised that he would not be seen – and the only reason I knew he was there was because he introduced himself before the service and reassured me that all would be fine.

Based on the results, I can definitely say that Clifford is an exceptionally talented and unique videographer. He was professional during this sorrowful time in my life. and the resulting video will always be a peaceful remembrance for me.

Clifford and his team are an invaluable asset for those who want to memorialize a special moment in one’s life. It is my pleasure and without any hesitation, I give Arlington Media my highest recommendation.
To me it's the most beautifullest place in the world my father and mother is buried there
Arlington Media photographed and filmed the joint funeral service for my husband's parents in March, 2017. My father-in-law, a Commander in the Navy during WWII, was buried with full military honors. If you have never experienced the majesty of this service and ceremony, it is breathtaking and can be quite overwhelming in the moment. It was one of the most moving and emotional and patriotic experiences I've ever had.

Hiring Arlington Media to capture the event and all of the beautiful details that went by so quickly was an essential decision. Cliff and his team are excellent, artistic and accurate photographers/videographers and the result was outstanding. We met Cliff in the parking lot of the chapel beforehand. We were not even aware of the filming in the chapel, and are so glad that Cliff captured a an important eulogy that highlighted my father-law's heroic efforts to relocate Holocaust survivors to Israel after the war. I noticed the photographer as we walked behind the caisson only briefly. Cliff and the team are extremely discreet.

Here is an example why having Arlington capture the day was so important: One of the moving elements of the day was a group of middle school kids, obviously on a school trip with parents and teachers, who witnessed the procession. We could see this group from far away as we walked down the hill to the grave. When we got close, it was so touching to see the kids, hands over hearts and baseball caps off, honoring my father-in-law. I'm sure they will never forget their visit to Arlington. But, my husband does not even remember seeing them! You really cannot absorb all of the details, and the beauty of the day.

Thank you, Cliff and Arlington Media. Our photos and film are treasures.
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"Thank you for making the video of my husband Paul's funeral at Arlington National Cemetery"
M Jones
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"I just wanted to say thank you for helping me in my time of need"
Officer J Fielding
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"Your presentation package is really first class"
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"You were very discreet and helpful"
A. McBride
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"We were very impressed with your service + attention to details."
Arlington Media Customers Reviews | Arlington Media, Inc.
"Thank you so much for your service at dad's burial"
Lisa Parker
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"The day was very special, and your tribute through both pictures and video are wonderful"
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"Have a beer on me + dad"
Mike McVey
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"This will be a treasure for our family for generations"
Lee K
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"You certainly have exceeded all of our expectations."
B Gross
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"Thanks so much for helping out at the last minute"
S. Swiatek
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"You did an amazing job."
B Brown
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"Thank you again for your exellent work"
C Haul
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"Thank you very much for [your] good work."
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"We thank you again for your professional manner in dealing with our concerns"
J Pfeffers