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Qualities To Look for in a Professional Funeral Photographer

It’s common for funeral services to be photographed as a way to commemorate loved ones, but there are certain qualities to look for in a professional funeral photographer. Ensuring you have professionals that show sensitivity and empathy to those in mourning is as crucial as the skill and equipment needed for good photography. Let us recommend some of the qualities you should look for.

Shows Empathy

We are of the opinion that there is no skill more important for funeral photographers than that of empathy. Funerals are rife with emotions and mourning family members, so knowing how to be sensitive to that is key to successfully capturing the event without being disruptive or insensitive. You do not want a photographer that will be getting up close, but rather, one that endeavors to become nearly invisible during the service so as not to intrude or exacerbate the grief of attendees. A good photographer will also endeavor to introduce themselves to attendees before bringing their equipment in to make them more comfortable and understanding.

Effectively Communicates

Similarly, while a good funeral photographer will do their best to stay out of sight and out of mind, one of the best qualities to look for in a professional funeral photographer is the ability to effectively communicate with you or the coordinator. The photographer does not want to be presumptuous and accidentally offend, so having an open line of communication between you and the photographer will help them coordinate and adapt much easier. Furthermore, when communicating with the photographer, clearly establish your expectations and what is off-limits so that the photographer can respect your wishes.

Works Without Flash

There is nothing more rude or intrusive than a funeral photographer that uses flash photography. Though it lasts for less than a second, it draws an incredible amount of attention and can be upsetting to someone having a very personal and vulnerable moment. If the location and circumstances absolutely require flash photography, the photographer should anticipate this and forewarn attendees beforehand.

If you’re looking for photographers for your memorial service, please contact us. These values are of the utmost importance to Arlington national cemetery photographers, and we want to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible.