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How To Prepare for a Funeral at Arlington National Cemetery

If your loved one is a veteran of the US military, you can honor their passing by arranging for a service at the Arlington National Cemetery. While an Arlington service is arranged by a funeral director, and many of the expenses are covered by the government, there are still some preparations you should make beforehand. Let us help you learn how to prepare for a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery.

Assembling Documentation

In order to arrange and attend the service, there are a few documents that you must either submit for review by Arlington staff or present to security on the day of the service, so they know that you and your guests are supposed to be there. These documents include:

  • DD214 or equivalent service documentation in order to prove your loved one is eligible to be put to rest at Arlington National Cemetery.
  • Your loved one’s death certificate.
  • A cremation certificate, if applicable.
  • Succession documents for the PADD to act on behalf of the Primary Next of Kin.
  • For unmarried adult dependents, two extra documents are required: a notarized statement from an individual that can testify to the marital status, the degree of dependency, and the name of the dependent’s parent.
  • Other additional documents provided prior to the service for signature.

COVID-19 Considerations

Because of the pandemic, you’ll also need to know how to prepare for a funeral at Arlington Nation Cemetery according to CDC guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone present. Everyone attending the service, including Arlington staff, must wear a face covering. Both Arlington National Cemetery and military service branches are closely watching the situation and will inform you if extra precautions are necessary in order to abide by current COVID-19 protocols.

Service Photography

Whether your loved one is receiving standard military honors or full military honors at Arlington, there is no shortage of beautiful traditions that you will likely want to remember. Funeral photographers like those at Arlington Media are professionals who know how to capture these precious memories without interfering or disrupting the service. We would be honored to assist you with your service.