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For Families Attending

an Arlington National Cemetery Service

Crews from Arlington Media videotaping and photographing a funeral at Arlington National Cemetery
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions. These twenty or so question are ones I'm asked most often. If you don't see an answer here to your question, or would like more information, please feel free to contact me:


1-800-852-7015 or


Q: "Have you taken video or photos at Arlington National Cemetery before?"

A: Yes, Arlington Media’s purpose is to cover services at Arlington for families. It’s in our core DNA. We don’t do weddings, corporate work, or anything else on the side. Our amazing creative professionals use state-of-the-art, purpose-built gear allowing them to give extraordinary attention to details and incredible precision on every service, every time.  Each piece of camera equipment, the computers and software we use, the way our production pipeline is designed, is all geared towards covering your service with the greatest level of care and respect.


Q: "I have family that lives overseas, can you produce a video DVD or VHS in a format that can be seen in the respective countries?"

A: Yes. We can produce your service in NTSC, PAL or SECAM. Online is another option for an overseas audience.


Q: "Can I just get a video of a service and not photography?"

A: Yes. You can reserve either video or photography of a service or both.


Q: "If I hire Arlington Media, Inc. to take photos of a service, do I have to order a book?"

A: No. Our basic photo service provides you with a non-copy-protected DVD-Rom disc or USB thumbdrive with ALL the full resolution photos included that you can use to make prints or photos books yourself. We also have packages that include different book options.


Q: "How many photos do you shoot at a service?"

A: Historically we shoot an average of 438 photos for each service -- sometimes more, sometimes less depending on the type and length of your service but usually at least 200 photos are included (depended services may have less).


Q: "How experienced is your staff?"

A: Each member of our professional team has over twenty years experience ranging from international TV news coverage to large corporate and government productions.


Q: "Are there any other charges? OR Do you charge sales taxes?"

A: We are required to collect a Virginia state sales tax. (6% as of 2018)


Q: "Can I just make prints from the video?"

A: Yes, but you wouldn’t want to. A high-definition video still is equivalent to about 2 megapixels. Whereas stills from our Nikons' are over 20 mega pixels.

Q: "How do you get usable audio with all the planes and helicopters flying over Arlington National Cemetery?"

A: Arlington Cemetery is under the flight path for Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. One of the busiest military helipads at the Pentagon is adjacent to the cemetery as well.  Our use of sophisticated broadcast quality wireless microphones and digital recorders provide the best audio possible but can not eliminate the sound problem entirely.


Q: "Are you affiliated or endorsed by Arlington National Cemetery?"

A: No. Arlington Media, Inc. is not affiliated with Arlington National Cemetery, the Department of the Army, the Department of Defense or the United States Government.


Q: "Do you require a deposit, payment up front or payment on the day of the service?"

A: No deposit is required. Nor is payment on the day of the service. After we finish producing the photos or video for your service we will email or mail you an invoice. We accept checks and all major credit cards.


Q: "How soon should we book before our service?"

A: As soon as you can.  While we will make every effort to accommodate last minute bookings, we do operate on a first-come first-serve basis.


Q: "Do you take videos of services?"

A: Yes. We provide you with a non-copy-protected DVD or Blu-ray dics that is professionally produced, menu driven, has a short musical montage opening and a video of the Changing Of The Guard at The Tombs Of The Unknown.


Q: "Can I get a copy of the service on VHS tape?"

A: Yes. We provide this as an option you may order.


Q: "Can I just get a photos of a service and not video?"

A: Yes. You can reserve either photography or video of a service or both.


Q: "Can I see the photos from my service on-line?"

A: Yes. This is an option you can add.


Q: "Can I get an image for our local newspaper or for a press release?"

A: Yes. We can provide you an images the same day via email.


Q: "Do you provide HD, High-Definition or Blu-ray video of services?"

A: Yes. We use multiple high definition broadcast quality long-range Sony cameras (not GoPros). Our acquisition and editing practices meet or exceed the production requirements of broadcast companies like National Geographic, BBC HD and Discovery HD. We don't  use consumer or prosumer cameras because they do not meet these broadcast standards.


Q: "Do you charge for shipping?"

A: No. Shipping to the first address is free. Additional addresses are billed at face value.


Q: "How long is the video / service?"

A: That depends, each service is unique. On average they break down to:

  Dependent Service (1):              5 - 15 minutes
  Standard Honors (2):                15 - 25 minutes
  Full Honors (3):                         20 - 45 minutes
  Chapel Service:                    30 - 75 minutes

Plus our added content: 9 minutes.


Q: "Can we take video or photos of a service while you’re working as well?"

A: Certainly, we would just ask that you, your friends and family would be mindful of where we are positioned, as we are not able to move around as quickly, (especially with a video camera and tripod) during military honors or the presentation of the flag.


Q: "How long does it take to get the finished product?"

A: We try to produced everything for you within 3 weeks of the invoice being paid. Additional request like photo books or photos of a headstone can take up to 45-100 additional days due to production and scheduling at Arlington.


Q: "In the event of inclement weather, will you still be able to cover our service?"

A: Yes. Our close proximity to the cemetery and our use of 4-wheel drive vehicles afford us access in any weather conditions, be it snow, sleet or rain. If the cemetery is open, we’ll be there.




1 Dependent Services


When a spouse or other dependent of a current or former member of the Armed Forces is buried at Arlington, the military service in which the primary party served will provide a casket team and a chaplain. No other military funeral honors will be rendered unless the spouse also served in the military.



2 Standard Honors Services


Enlisted service members interred/inurned at Arlington National Cemetery will receive honors provided by the decedent’s branch of service.

These honors include:


A casket team (body bearers / pall bearers)

A firing party

A bugler



3 Full Honors Services


In addition to the standard military funeral honors, Commissioned and Warrant officers and senior non-Commissioned Officer with a pay grade of E-9:


ARMY: Sergeant Major (SGM), Command Sergeant Major (CSM), Sergeant Major of the Army (SMA),


NAVY & COAST GUARD: Master Chief Petty Officer (MCPO), Fleet/Command Master Chief Petty Officer, Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy (MCPON), or Coast Guard (MCPOCG),


MARINES: Master Gunnery Sergeant (MGySgt), Sergeant Major (SgtMaj), Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps (SgtMajMC),


AIR FORCE: Chief Master Sergeant (CMSgt), First Sergeant, Command Chief Master Sergeant, Chief Master Sergeant

of the Air Force (CMSAF),


are eligible for full military funeral honors at Arlington National Cemetery including:


An escort platoon (size varies according to the rank of the deceased)

A military band


Additionally, those eligible for full military funeral honors at Arlington National Cemetery may use the caisson, if available. Officers in the rank of colonel and above in the Army and the Marine Corps may be provided a caparisoned (riderless) horse, if available. General/flag officers may receive a cannon salute (17 guns for a four-star general, 15 for a three-star, 13 for a two-star, 11 for a one-star), if available.

Arlington Media, Inc BBB Business Review
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